Dave Clark

Curriculum Vitae

web: http://clarkdave.net

email: [email protected]


I'm a software developer with a focus on web technologies. I am well-versed in both front and backend development and server automation, and am passionate about solving problems and providing polished user experiences. I learn quickly and am an excellent communicator.

  • 10 years' industry experience across PHP, Java, Ruby, JavaScript and HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge of a broad range of libraries and frameworks including Rails, Spring, CodeIgniter, GWT, jQuery, Play and Backbone.js
  • Profiling, optimisation and load-testing of high-availability web applications using tools such as httperf, JMeter, Eclipse and xdebug
  • Version control with Git and Subversion
  • Experience with Groovy, Python, CoffeeScript, XML, XSLT & RelaxNG, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Use of test driven development, functional/acceptance testing and continuous integration using a variety of tools such as JUnit, rspec, Selenium, Behat and Jenkins
  • Server configuration, deployment and monitoring using Chef and Capistrano, with services such as ServiceMix, Nagios, Monit and Ganglia. Experienced working with AWS, including EC2 and VPC


Co-founder & CTO at LoyaltyLion

September 2012 - Present

LoyaltyLion is a social loyalty framework for e-commerce stores. We were one of ten teams selected from over 300 applicants to participate in Startupbootcamp Berlin.

I head up development of our front and backend services and manage our server infrastructure on AWS. Our technology stack includes: Chef for server automation, Node.js for our API, Ruby on Rails for our web application and Backbone.js for our front-end.

Aside from technical duties, I am also involved in a variety of general startup tasks, such as hiring, video editing, pitching to investors, and, of course, living on a shoestring budget.

Lead Developer at Streetvite

January 2012 - September 2012

Streetvite was a platform that encouraged people to be social and spontaneous. I built a mobile web app using Backbone.js, which allowed Android and iOS users to create and join events, in addition to discovering those nearby. The application was heavily optimised for mobile devices, with offline support and high-DPI graphics.

The mobile web app was coupled with a full desktop site - both backed by the same Ruby on Rails backend - which allowed promoters to create and manage their events and reward fans with discounts or free entry.

Learning and Research Developer at University of Kent

July 2011 - June 2012

Working in the Learning and Research department my role included the support, development and optimisation of critical student support systems and the design of bespoke systems for research services.

In particular, I was at the forefront of a national effort to design and implement a higher-education research standard. This involved the use of enterprise service buses, message queues, schema design and workflow engines such as Activiti.

As part of these developments I introduced new tools and development practices such as Backbone.js for rapid development of responsive, client-side applications backed by server-side APIs written in Java and Groovy.

Lead Web Developer at University of Kent

July 2010 - June 2011

As a lead developer at the University's web team, my responsibilities included the development of central web applications, recruitment, training and consultation.

Specific activities:

  • Development of a system using Node.js to facilitate conversion of older websites to a newer content management system. This system had an asynchronous UI using WebSockets to simulate a responsive desktop application.
  • Bespoke time management software built using Java and the Play Framework. This was designed with specific requirements, used an agile methodology and applied test-driven development to ensure complete specification compliance at all times.

Web Engineer at Sun Microsystems/Oracle

July 2009 - June 2010

I worked within 'Web Data Engineering', the technical team behind the majority of sun.com websites. Though my initial role was to develop internal applications, in 2010, after the Oracle takeover, my responsibilities shifted and I played a key role in the maintenance of several important systems and their transitions to Oracle's infrastructure.

My responsibilities included:

  • Developing a monitoring system for our team and others; this involved building a set of APIs, designing a robust XML schema (using RelaxNG) and a lightweight front end powered by MooTools and GWT.
  • Building in and around the custom CMS powering Sun's online presence.
  • Development and support of docs.sun.com. Following Oracle restructuring, I was the key engineer in charge of the complex legacy application containing the entirity of Sun's product documentation. Alongside the progression of the existing system to EOL, I prototyped solutions to aid in the migration of content to Oracle's Technology Network.

Web Developer at University of Kent

December 2006 - June 2009

Working in the University's web team, my primary role was the support and development of internal websites and applications. However, my biggest contribution was to design and engineer a PHP-based content management system which is still in use today and powers hundreds of websites and over 20,000 pages.

This system relied on Dreamweaver to deliver content which leveraged the existing skills of web publishers. A large part of the CMS is focused on providing publishers with a means to use complicated and dynamic features without any technical expertise. Aggressive caching of dynamic content and a good relationship with nginx ensured the system would hold-up under the heavy load of millions of hits each month.



I have worked on a variety of projects, using plenty of languages and platforms. Some of these projects are described in more detail on my portfolio, above.


University of Kent

  • BSc Computer Science with a Year in Industry: 2.1

Hayes School

  • 9 GCSEs (with English and Maths)
  • 3 A-Levels (English, Computing and Psychology)


Available on request